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Translated from the Hindi original at the request of Bulgarian Kriyabans for further translation in their language.

Love is not a performance (in the bed or in a park or in a cinema hall); it is joyful existence, a natural state, a Paravastha. Love is not of the mind, it does not belong to the experience-structure, it is a situation of ''no-enmity'', ''no-malice'', ''no-animosity'', ''no-hostility'', ''no-antagonism'', ''no-attachment'', ''no-friendship'', and ''no-opposites''! Ending of opposites, of divisions in consciousness, of becoming, of fancy, of romantic ideas, of jealousy, of motive, of cunning thought, of appeasement, of emotion; is the emergence of love. State of ''no-mind'' is the sanctity of love, of divinity. Separative consciousness (mind) is selfishness, speculations, sensuality, suspicions and self-centered activities. Mind is just craving, fear, hope and despair, and nothing else. Love is neither mind nor ego.

Goodness has nothing to do with acquisition of power. Those who are in powerful positions can never be good. Kriya Yoga is not a lure for the ‘‘more’’! No more running or rat race for power, reputation, delusion, experience, attachment, possessions, ego-gratification and stupid pleasure movement! Freedom from pollution of mind is Kriya Yoga and this can happen without escaping from relationship and responsibility. Perception of Otherness, which is neither an idea nor an invention of the mind, occurs in Kriya Yoga.

A drop of poison in a bowl of milk converts the whole milk into poison! But a drop of milk in a bowl of poison does not convert the poison into milk! Why? Because the Holy is delicate and divine. Pollution is horrible and satanic. Be aware of the mental pollution of the spiritual market and remain aloof from them.

A good (sat) disciple will definitely meet a good (sat) Guru. If the disciple is in the corruption of greed and fear, he will meet a guru who would exploit the disciple's anticipations and apprehensions and keep the idiotic fellow in perpetual misery, grief, agitation and disturbance!

Once Kabir had a flash of both Guru and Govind (Divine) standing in front of him! He ran into an embarrassing dilemma: where he should keep his head first? At the feet of Guru or at the feet of Govind? Govind (Krishna or Universal Intelligence) smiled and pointed to the Guru as it was the Guru who dispelled the darkness and enabled Kabir to see Govind!

Analysis, explanation or alteration of the object of greed is not freedom from greed. Analysis leads to complication and covering up of greed. Awareness of greed with total attention, without dividing it into ''me'' and ''greed'', is absolute freedom from greed. Stop being a wheeler-dealer of the spiritual and psychological market. Get into perception, life, awakening, meditation (not of the market) and complete comprehension. Come to truth, to ''what is''. Do not verbalise veracity. Do not rape realization. Don't pretend. Don't imitate. Don't repeat second-hand harangues. Don't run into ''spiritual'' entertainment or into glamour & glitter of images. Be available to insight and transformation.

Repeated utterances of God's name does not say anything about God! When all utterances are transformed into understanding, there is the Sacred Silence, which can speak all about the un-speakable, incomparable, un-imaginable, indivisible, immeasurable and which exists eternally with a shocking Sanctity! This silence is utterly empty and ecstatic. It is full of wealth and wonder!

This is Ishwara Pranidhan or perception of wholeness in Kriya Yoga. This is Samadhi which is not a contrived coma and one can still function naturally and normally in spite of Samadhi!



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