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message-41 Paris, Dec. 14, 2006


Translated from the Hindi original at the request of Bulgarian Kriyabans for further translation in their language.

Kriya Yoga phenomenon emanates from Swadhyay and Swadhyay flowers from seeing without seeking, that is, from seeing which has no see-er, but only the object to be seen! Such is the energy of total seeing that the separation between the see-er and the seen ceases naturally! This is Shakshi Bhava --- one of the three basic teachings of Kriya Yoga. Oh my dear Kriya Yogi; at the outset, for God's sake, be a Sakshi! Be in non-doership, not in non-doing! Be available to impartial insight! Be a Shakshi! Do not re-iterate, do not renunciate, but re-incarnate! Be in pure action, be a Sakshi!

An act of renunciation which is full with activities of ''I'', is merely a pretension. This renunciation is fake as it stinks with cunning calculation and with garbage of glorification. What is this renunciation which compels one to renounce a short and sweet name awarded by parents, in order to decorate oneself with an astonishingly long name such as ''Himalayan Avatar and Yogi ... Babaji Maharaj''! What is this renunciation which inspires one to become the supreme boss of a multi-million dollar ''Ashram'' (actually a concentration camp and sometimes even a brothel!) after abandoning a normal house-hold? Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, for God's sake, be awake; be a Sakshi.

Bhagawat Gita takes us from Sub-human to human and then to divine, from Duryodhan to Arjun and then to Krishna, from thoughtlessness to thought and then to ''no-thought'', from mindlessness to mind and then to ''no-mind''.

Freedom from the burden and bondage of thought and mind which has been indicated as ''no-thought'' and ''no-mind'', is not thoughtlessness or mindlessness which is stupidity. This freedom from thought is the highest wisdom, greatest enlightenment. ''No-thought'' is divine, neither delight nor depression. Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, for God's sake, do not be a glutton or a lecher, do not run into fasting or withdrawl, but be in freedom and comprehension, be a Sakshi.

Adhyatma is Atma + Adhyayan. Swadhyay is Swa + Adhyay. Both have the same implication, same meaning; that is, meditate on ''I'' –ego-centric movement without ''meditator''. Swadhyay is the beginning of Kriya Yoga. Doing Tapas (Kriya) without Swadhyay, without looking at one's motives, images, beliefs, conditioning, confusion, cravings, pride, envy, exploitation, fear, grief, has no meaning whatsoever! Without concomitant Swadhyay, Kriya (Tapas) will create conflict, boredom or excitement of conditioned reflexes and agitation of ambition. Understanding of need and greed is to usher in trust, integration, wakefulness, surrender and Sakshi Bhava. Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, for God's sake, for the sake of Ishwara Pranidhan, do not become a professional, repetitive, imitative, habitual ''Kriya Yogi'' ! But be a Sakshi

Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, for God's sake, for the sake of the perception of the whole consciousness, stop all this nonsense of self-inflation, self-expansion, self-promotion, self-perversion, self-glorification, self-reconstruction, self-centered-activities, self-gratification, self-delusion, self-nourishment, selfcontrol, self-torture, self-suppression, self-oppression under the banner of self-realization, selfdevelopment and self-enlightenment ! Instead, watch ''what is'' with wisdom and without wavering. Scrutinise ''what is'', examine ''what is'' directly without pressures, prejudices and paradoxes of past ''experiences'' and borrowed ''knowledge''. Just be a Sakshi.

Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, for God's sake, abandon rituals, psychological registrations, pride, envy, comparison; come to emptiness, to existence, to eternal joy. Stop collecting the garbage of scriptures and sermons. Come to veracity, come to vivacious beauty and benediction of the sacred un-nameable ! Just be a Sakshi.

Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, for God's sake, please understand that the natural state (after-state-poise of Kriya which is called Paravastha) is existential. It is not a state conjured up by the corruption, conspiracy, cunningness and crookedness of the experience-structure. Paravastha is sudden, unexpected, unforeseen, inconceivable but perceptible transformation in human consciousness which is not a modified continuity of old obscurity. This is the greatest religion, supreme wisdom. Phoney baloney of the spiritual market cannot camouflage this wisdom. Paravastha is indeed unique and is totally outside the vicious chain of cause and effect. It is not a vulgar ''achievement'' put together by a stupid mind. More you seek Paravastha, more you lose it! And then on the basis of a contrived and fake Paravastha, you (mind) will deceive yourself and others; and you (mind) will inaugurate a glamorous shop in the spiritual market!

Therefore, oh my dear Kriya Yogi, for God's sake, be in the energy of understanding. Be a Sakshi.

Virtue of a Kriya Yogi is not in his point of view, but in his perception while he is viewing without any choice, any classification, any justification or condemnation. Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, this is Sakshi Bhava. Be a Sakshi only.

Oh my dear Kriya Yogi, stop anticipation and accumulation. Then renunciation becomes redundant!

There is absolute peace and love where there is neither attachment nor aversion. In Paravastha, there is only action; no activity of reaction, envy and competition. Learn to live without election, without entanglement. Just be a Sakshi.

Truth is in your daily living, inside your consciousness. It is not in your religious scriptures or in ''spiritual'' or ''occult'' books. From the scriptures, books, ''gurus'', ''masters'', ''avatars'', ''son of God'', ''prophets of God'', ''tirthankars'', ''buddhas'', ''murtis'', ''bhagwans'', ''paramahansas'', ''swamis'', ''anandas'', ''giris'', ''saraswatis'', ''yatis'' and so on; you will get only confusing ideas, commodities for conforming and contrived consolations to re-orient, to re-educate, to re-accomplish and to politely perpetuate your ego, however hidden. But to be available to truth, to ''what is'' ; there must occur a blast and an explosion while remaining a Sakshi in the dimension of Swadhyay, Tapas and Ishwara Pranidhan or, in other words, in the dimension of non-dual exploration, experimentation and enlightenment. Religions arising from scriptures get sabotaged by ideas, theologies and ''I'', leaving truth in the lurch, giving rise to all kinds of controversies and the culture of killing and being killed. Scriptures are bondages & bigotry of borrowed knowledge, of battle and of brutality. Freedom from the known past is waking up in ''no-mind'' in Sakshi.




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Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the past karma. It transforms fundamentally the gross ego-centre of the seeker into a subtle individual uniqueness which also includes universality. It brings harmony with the wholeness of life by piercing through the ignorance of the ways of self. 


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