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message-28 Indore, India, August 24, 2000


First Birthday of son Ujjwal Lahiri’s first daughter called Nandini.

Buddhist mentality means that I believe in Buddha as my redeemer who will bring redemption from my pain and sorrow, ache and agony.

Christian mentality implies that I believe in Jesus who will come and save me and install me in permanent happiness in heaven in spite of all my sins and crimes against humanity.

Muslim mentality ensures that I believe in almighty Allah sitting majestically in a heavenly throne and dishing out reward and punishment according to holy Quran and Hadis, as interpreted by the notorious Mullahs and ‘scholars’ and that I am ready to kill and be killed at their dictates in the name of Allah.

Hindu mentality indicates that I am available to all kinds of seductive forces masquerading as gurus and giris, Swamys and sadhus, Mohants and mahamandaleshwars, Maharshis and Bhagwans, Upashaks and bhaktas of innumerable gods and goddesses, masters and maharaj-jis, paramacharyas and paramahamsas, avtars of god and incarnations of past popular religious figures, yogis, tantriks, healers, fortune-tellers, myth and miracle mongers, priests and hawan performers, babas and matas and so on. My search for solace and security, power and profit makes me available to the pious lies, holy concepts and high sounding phrases of these charlatans of the spiritual market.

Generally religious mentality means that I am God-fearing and that God would give whatever his fearful and obedient servant is greedy about.

All such mentalities enable me to remain in my mental prison without feeling the need to break it open. And freedom is the essence of Kriya – Yoga. Due to this incarceration, I have no initiative to come upon an insight into the ways of ‘I-ness’ and I am unable to be a light to my self-centered activities perpetuated by the protective mechanism of the mind. An extraordinary gathering of energy of understanding takes place when I come out of the mental prison constructed by the forces of organised religion, sects and cults, esoteric and occult groups, fellowships and followships, missions and institutions, books and campaigns. These fragmentary forces thrive by exploiting my emotional investments and antagonisms, my pleasure and pain, my greed and fear.

The purpose of Kriya – Yoga is ending all these mentalities and to be in total sanity and serenity of my natural state. Kriya practice is of no significance to a stupid mind, which stubbornly refuses to melt into a ‘no-mind’, that is, the highest intelligence of innocence and emptiness.


(Glory to the energy of intelligence)

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Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the past karma. It transforms fundamentally the gross ego-centre of the seeker into a subtle individual uniqueness which also includes universality. It brings harmony with the wholeness of life by piercing through the ignorance of the ways of self. 


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