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A message from a disciple in the energy of Understanding.

The Shishya Process - Surrender

“Shishya” is the Sanskrit word for disciple. The shishya process is the process of surrender – of let-go.

Surrender is not a result of any intellectual activity. Surrender is emptying without an emptier; the emptying of mental pollutions for the filling of the Universal Intelligence. Like a vacuum chamber being flooded with air when opened, the no-mind state of Surrender is an immediate invitation to the Universal Intelligence to flood it, which it does by its Grace.

There is no question of “thinking” or “trying” to understand this as all thought is an activity of the mind and the result of some form of ego trip or other. Intellectual ‘understanding’ of matters spiritual is the biggest of all ego trips because this is not a hunt for money or wealth or power. This is a hunt for God!

That is why our Guru calls the Energy of Understanding a “BLAST”. Like a bomb blast it happens unexpectedly catching both the body and mind unawares. Like a blast, this true Understanding destroys the “you” ness in you - instantly vaporizing it.

And after the blast the intellect converts the understanding into thoughts and words. It looks at this new understanding and is filled with wonder at what has happened! It is like a fresh cool breeze that soothes a hot body in Indian summer heat. The mind is therefore thrilled!

But the nature of the mind, the pollutant, is to perpetuate itself and it cannot enjoy this new freedom for long. So it now says “Ah! What a wonderful thought I have thought”. It has already forgotten the freshness and freedom of the blast and is busy converting the holy knowing into a most un-holy knowledge. The mind is, like a thief, trying to claim ownership of a holy knowing that can never be its own and can only be given by the Universal Intelligence through its Grace.

Stupid, Pathetic mind! And how can mind be intelligent, because intelligence is wakefulness and the mind is asleep. The “I” ness is so caught up in itself and its efforts to maintain continuity that it is completely unaware of what is and is always forming concepts of what should be – and the what should be is always something that will gratify this “I” in one way or other and will function as protective mechanism of the ''I'. The stupid “I” is even unaware of its own machinations.

The height and depth of the stupidity of the mind can be seen in the working that took place in the mind of this disciple when the Guru told him to write Message 21. The Guru was addressing the shishya process, the surrender in the body of the disciple. But what happened immediately was that the stupid mind of the disciple hijacked the order of the Guru and took it upon itself to fulfill it, with concurrent thoughts such as “Ah! Now even the Guru thinks “I” am in Surrender!!” Can this stupidity be SEEN (without any See–er)? This mind, this ego, is the enemy.

And the most amazing thing is that this enemy is actually non-existent. It is a fictitious outcome of the obscurity and darkness of duality in the network of the contents of human consciousness. There is nothing to be done about it because any action will only further strengthen this myth.

But if there is complete awareness without division (watching without watcher) of this fact then freedom happens. Mere awareness of this ‘mischief’, as the Guru calls it, is enough to get rid of it.

Thus, when blasts of Understanding that happened in the Guru’s body are shared through verbal expressions such as the Messages of the Guru, it is not for any intellectual attempt to understand! Messages can be “read” a thousand times and nothing will happen if there is conceptualization, comparison, conclusions etc. going on concurrently.

In the dimension wherein duality is fiction, trying is travesty. When this comprehension fills the consciousness completely without any corruption whatsoever, then there is the supreme surrender without any surreptitious sabotage by the ''I''. With trying nothing will ever happen. Because the activity of ‘trying’ is also the trier and the trier (the “I” ness) has no intention of ending and is merely maneuvering itself into a new position of comfort to give itself continuity.

The “I” will never surrender. “I” can never be a Shishya.

A Shishya is the “No-‘I’” Process.

It is the process of Surrender that also happens. When there is listening without any listener (No conversion of words into concepts or thoughts – just Listening); and then perhaps the blast happens - just like that - in the body reading the Message. Such a Listening is the Guru.

Listening is also the Shishya – Surrender. Then the duality between Guru and Shishya is demolished for ''Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham'' to be.

If Surrender does not happen, if listening does not happen, if the filth filling the ego-center prevents penetration of the Universal Intelligence, then the Guru says keep doing the Kriyas with Swadhyay. Do pranayam in non-doership. This may perhaps still the rat-like mind and perhaps the process of the Shishya may happen.

There is nothing to be done – just be.

There is no other way, there is no other way.

Nanyaha Pantha Vidyate Ayanaya

Nanyaha Pantha Vidyate Ayanaya

Jai Surrender, Jai Intelligence

Jai Hanuman, Jai Shri Ram


Jai Shishya, Jai Guru

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