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message-18 Durban, South Africa, December 15, 1999

The main purpose of Kriya Yoga is to be in natural state ("Sahajavastha" of Vedanta, "Swarupe Avasthanam" of Patanjali, "Swadharma" of Gita and "Parabastha" of Lahiri Mahashay). Yoga means integration between mind and life, between mundane and the most sacred, between the divine imminent and the divine transcendent, between the holy and the humdrum, between the separative consciousness generated by the constant churning of thought and an unitive awareness in which stimulus and response become one unitary movement.

In the natural state this living organism, this body is instructed by glands and chakras. Thought does not interfere as an interloper and create all kinds of psychosomatic problems and pursuits, all kinds of paradoxes, perplexities and predicaments. The body is then released from the stranglehold of the imaginations of the mind. The mind with its protective mechanism has a tremendous grip on the body which destroys the living quality of life. That is why the mind is called separative-consciousness, a consciousness in which you get separated and de-linked from the harmony with the wholeness of existence.

To loosen the stranglehold of thought is the beginning of enlightenment. Thought, in the natural state of the body, is discontinuous. It comes into being only when there is a stimulus or necessity. It then generates an adequate response with excellence and perfection. Ego does not sabotage the response through vanity and vested interests. Veracity comes to the forefront, not the vulgarity of self-centered activities of the mind. This is KRIYA YOGA - not the cravings for grandisement, glorification and gratification in the name of Kriya Yoga.

Knowing, not believing, is the discipline of Kriya Yoga and love is its fulfilment. Kriya Yoga is the courage to surrender oneself, the courage to annihilate the pride, the courage to become a void. He who is willing to disappear attains fulfilment....he who is willing to die achieves life.

Jai Eternal Wisdom of India.

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Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the past karma. It transforms fundamentally the gross ego-centre of the seeker into a subtle individual uniqueness which also includes universality. It brings harmony with the wholeness of life by piercing through the ignorance of the ways of self. 


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